Bio.Soil (1L/5L)
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1. 更健康的植物

2. 降低土壤的紧密度, 土壤压实少

3. 增强透气性、拥有更好的保水性,从而减少腐蚀的发生

4. 活性土壤与二氧化碳结合

5. 更好的获得重要矿物质

6. 活跃生长期更长

7. 改善土壤肥力以其微生物活性

8. 促进荷尔蒙和抗氧化活性

9. 改善植物吸收的养分

10. 刺激根部和植物生长,加快种子发芽

11. 降低土壤盐碱化

12. 增强植物抗病、抗热、抗霜冻的能力

13. 主要增加有机物质

14. 解锁紧密相关的营养

15. 大幅增加产量

16. 在酸性和碱性的条件下调节pH

17. 抵抗有害的病原体和细菌,避免它们入侵植物根际

18. 分解有机物质并且使植物接触土壤中所包含的有益养分

19. 通过增加植物根部的表面积数百倍,有机体可以丰富土壤并且增加养分的吸收。

20. 生物体释放强大的酶到土壤中,从而溶解养分(例如有机氮和磷),促进生长,提升产量并且丰富所有类型的植物的质量

What is BIO.SOIL ?

BIO.SOIL is a colorless and odorless liquid to stimulate the microorganisms in the soil to carry out aerobic metabolism by applying specific and selective information. This makes the soil loose, which in turn allows the soil to produce more oxygen, absorb and store more water. Improve the health of plants by improving the soil environment.

      Benefits of BIO.SOIL

  • Healthier plants
  • Less tillage, less soil compaction
  • Better aeration, better water retention, thereby less erosion
  • Active soil bind with carbon dioxide
  • Better availability of vital minerals.
  • Longer active growth period
  • Improves soil fertility and its microbial activity.
  • Improves hormonal and antioxidant activity
  • Improves plants nutrients intake
  • Stimulates roots and plants growth, speed up the seed germination
  • Reduce soil salinisation
  • Strengthen plants resistance to diseases, heat, and frost damage
  • Basically increase organic matter.
  • Unlock bound up nutrients
  • Significantly increase in yield
  • Regulate pH in acid and alkaline conditions
  • Resist harmful pathogens and bacteria, prevent them from invading the rhizosphere
  • Break down organic matter and ensure the plant exposes to the beneficial nutrients contained in the soil.
  • By increasing the root's surface area by a few hundred times, organic matter can enrich the soil and increase nutrient uptake.
  • The organisms will release powerful enzymes such as organic nitrogen and phosphorus to the soil to solubilize nutrients, faster plant growth, increase yield and enrich all types of plants' quality

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